Oh, hi! Not sure how you got here. Perhaps you noticed hostname in my ident on IRC or something like that.

Well, this doesn't matter. I'm just another random person from the Internet interested in IT. I like programming, ML and messing around with IT security. That's all.

Do I sound like an interesting person to talk with? If yes - here is how you can contact me.

If you are very paranoid, my PGP key's fingerprint is 3197BBD95137E682A59717B434BB2007081396F4. You can find key itself here or on almost any keyserver from SKS pool.

If you are curious what I'm doing with my life - here is my GitHub profile.

And yeah, here is my nano-scale privacy policy: I record all requests made to this HTTP server. I don't use them for anything but sometimes I run

wc -l /var/log/access.log
to see how popular I am.